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For a mining project

Honco addresses the needs for metals and minerals extraction and transformation sites, as well as in the oil sector or the hydroelectric building sites, with a tightly management of deadlines and safety standards compliance.    

Caractéristiques d'un bâtiment industriel

For over 30 years, the mining industry has chosen Honco for the manufacturing and the construction of steel buildings or for more complex turn-key projects. Our expertise is used on metals and minerals extraction and transformation sites, as well as in the oil sector and on hydroelectric building sites.

Our constant presence in northern regions has allowed our team to develop unique organization and planning strategies, adapted to remote sites.

Honco actively participates to the layout of new mining sites while responding to the industry’s specific needs: through tight management of deadlines and safety standards compliance.

Expert in logistics and mining sites organization, Honco assures a strict management of all aspects of a mandate given to them.

The respect of safety standards, delays and budget are also part of a rigourous approach.

Thanks to its versatile construction system, Honco is able to offer you a building structure that responds to your specific needs.

The Honco steel pre-fabricated building proposes a large free span option at a competitive cost. The unique concept of the Honco structure does not require any structural element along its walls.

Handling equipment can be incorporated to the Honco structure such as rolling bridges, monorails or lifting devices, which are necessary for regular mining operations.

Finally, the Honco building design makes it possible for a potential future expansion.

Honco’s construction system differs from other systems due to its unbeatable power efficiency within the steel building industry and the reduced operation costs.

In addition to using a superior insulation method through the absence of a thermal bridge, the energy efficiency of the whole building is optimized integrating the Galvalume finish of the structural ceiling, which reflects light and has a low level of radiant heat emissivity. The volume of unused space is reduced in order to lower cooling and heating costs. Energetic efficiency of overall Honco building is also optimized with its well ventilated attic and its light reflecting ceiling.

Finally, the Galvalume finish structural ceiling reflects light and ensures a high light level which allows to reduce costs. Operation savings can reach over 30 % per year.

coupe-de-mur-tp2-r0Handling equipments can be easily included in the design of Honco steel structure such as overhead bridge crane, monorail or jib crane and hoist, that are necessary for regular vehicle and other maintenance operations.

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The roof system in a HONCO building is a bolted assembly of structural steel panels. It is perfectly sealed which guarantee the building protection against leaks during heavy rain storms. It provides for a long service life while requiring practically no maintenance.

A structural ceiling

Honco’s buildings structural ceiling allows to separate the truly useful space from the construction’s total volume. That way, the costs are reduced when cooling or heating the building. The attic’s ventilation system assures the efficiency of the ceiling’s insulation and eliminates condensation.


Honco buildings can be shipped anywhere around the world, quickly. Structural panels can be piled up on top of each other. That way, all building material necessary for an Honco building measuring 480 m2 can be transported in a 12 meter long container.

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The efficient wall and attic insulation offers assuredly an environment combining great efficiency and high energetic performance.


The assembly of the structural panels and the various components is done by using steel bolts and therefore can be modified to install new openings or new equipment. If required, Honco technology allows for complete dismantling of the building envelope
and its relocation to a new site.


Honco roof trusses are designed to evenly distribute the load toward the bearing walls. It allows for generally less massive foundation walls.

FREE SPAN up to 90 m.

Honco buildings offer free span up to 90 meters, according to the region, being the most affordable in the construction market.


Honco structural elements fabricated at the factory are all pre-drilled and pre-cut ready for their assembly on the construction site. Since all components and structural panels of the building are fixed using steel bolts, handling such as cutting and welding, is not required limiting considerably environmental impact.